Medical Technologies

We support medical device, equipment and diagnostics companies in sustainably improving top- and bottom-line performance through intelligent portfolios, go-to-market and pricing strategies and customer-oriented implementation. We have worked for 17 out of the top 20 medical technology and diagnostics companies, leading financial investors and a variety of small- to mid-size companies across all major product categories and application areas. With a dedicated industry team of experienced consultants in the Americas, Europe and Asia and a mix of medical, bioscientific and commercial backgrounds, we provide truly global and multidisciplinary delivery capabilities to our clients.

In an R&D-intense environment , there is strong demand for effective and efficient diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. To complicate matters, financing is a constant constraint. As a result, sustainable success is more dependent than ever on operating in the right markets/segments through effective channels and with a compelling clinical/health-economic value proposition. And not to be forgotten: with the right prices. It also requires effective involvement with a more complex and price-sensitive set of stakeholders both on the caregiver and budget holder side. We support our clients in driving profitable growth and successfully adapting to a changing market environment through intelligent strategies and effective implementation.

  • Portfolio and go-to-market strategies
  • Market access and reimbursement strategies
  • Sales and contracting strategies
  • Price and channel-mix optimization
  • Sales and pricing excellence programs
  • Key account and tender management
  • Sales force optimization

Selected clients

  • 40 of the top 50‎ leading medical technology and diagnostics companies
  • Numerous mid-sized and early stage ventures in the sector