A large number of domestic and international retailers and wholesalers trust Simon- Kucher & Partners to help them identify and tap opportunities to improve their revenue, margins and profits.

We combine industry expertise, proven analytical methods and tools, and global experience to deliver a customized solution. In this process, we recognize the complexities of retailing and keep a close eye on your ability to successfully implement the solutions we recommend. The core of our work focuses on helping retailers to develop and implement assortment strategies and to set prices and promotions as a part of category management.

It’s no secret that any retail environment is a very complex interplay among consumers, competitors and suppliers.

Consumer behavior has become increasingly dynamic and diverse. Competition has intensified as new retail formats emerge and the combination of the internet and mobile devices puts retail prices and product availability at consumers’ fingertips for immediate comparison. Meanwhile, extreme cost fluctuations – and the challenge of how to deal with them – put the partnerships between retailers and manufacturers under constant strain.

These challenges can make your traditional strategies and processes for managing consumers, assortments, prices, and promotions seem increasingly less effective. Improvement often requires a thorough re-evaluation of business models and value chain strategies.

  • Develop and implement promotion strategies using a promotion toolbox
  • Optimize product portfolios by ensuring consistent price architectures within and across product groups
  • Develop optimized product offerings and assortments
  • Optimize price gaps between national and private label brands
  • Optimize customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Develop and implement profit-optimal mark-down management
  • Create or revise private label strategies
  • Support retail brand management

Selected clients

  • Barnes&
  • Castrorama
  • Delhaize
  • Douglas
  • FNAC
  • Karstadt
  • Lekkerland
  • Leroy Merlin
  • Metro
  • Office Depot
  • OTTO
  • Relay