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Banking Conference: Pricing in a Digital World - A New Age in Banking

Tuesday, 4th April 2017, 9am-12pm

Join Simon-Kucher’s banking experts and industry leaders on 4th April for the annual Simon-Kucher & Partners banking conference that this year is named 'Pricing in a Digital World - A New Age in Banking'.

The last two years have seen banks accelerate the delivery of value through digital solutions, although few pricing approaches have maintained the same pace. The importance of being ‘relevant’ to customers both from a value and price perspective has never been more important, especially in a world of increased transparency and open banking/APIs.

In this thought-provoking session, we will discuss how banks can develop digital solutions and pricing in a new age for banks, for example how to optimise customer journeys and decision-making processes, how to use behavioural psychology in pricing and how to build smart digital and pricing strategies to drive customer loyalty.

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To find out more info about the event, visit the event agenda

Past Events

Speaker event: Zuora's Subscribed LondonZuora

Tuesday 15th November 2016

Mark Billige, Managing Partner UK, Simon-Kucher & Partners at Zuora's Subscribed London, the UK's premier event dedicated to the intricacies of managing a subscription business.

Mark participated in a panel on Going to Market: Tales of Subscription Monetisation
In the Subscription Economy, monetising relationships, increasing subscriber engagement, acquiring new subscribers and driving loyalty is the name of the game. But going to market with a new subscription product or service raises a series of challenges. In this session, you'll learn from our experts and companies that have experiences to share on how to align market demands, organisational goals, and customer experience requirements to drive your pricing and packaging strategy.

To find out more about this, visit the website.

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Women in Consulting Internship Event

Tuesday 18th October 2016
Central London

Approximately 40 prospective female intern applicants joined us for our 5th annual Women in Consulting event. This annual event is designed to provide an opportunity for prospective female intern applicants to come and talk to our consultants about their experience with Simon-Kucher & Partners in an informal setting. There were drinks and nibbles, and a short introduction to the company along with the type of projects we undertake. The main purpose of the evening was to give prospective applicants the opportunity to come and ask any questions they might have, and get to know us a bit better!

Women in Consulting
Attendees at our 5th annual Women in Consulting event. © Simon-Kucher & Partners 2016

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Monetisation Strategies For Subscription BusinessesZuora

Thursday 22nd September 2016

Your customers want simple pricing and packaging options to make the buying process easy, but they also need more flexible models that fit their changing needs and deliver more value over time.

Simon-Kucher & Partners and Zuora joined forces in this webinar to dive into these topics and discuss how to develop an evolving pricing journey to better meet customer needs and drive subscriber and revenue growth.

Topics covered included:

  • How to design pricing and packaging to fit customer segments and needs.
  • How to achieve balance between packaging simplicity and flexibility, without compromising on price.
  • A framework for planning and optimizing your own pricing and packaging.

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Monetisation: How to turn value creation into lasting revenueEsade Business School
ESADE Open Programme

27th June - 1st July 2016
Barcelona, Spain

Monetisation is an area of management that seasoned executives and budding entrepreneurs alike seldom talk about with enthusiasm. In fact, although most businesspeople understand that pricing decisions can truly make or break a company's bottom line, they tend to tackle today's demanding markets without the aid of a carefully crafted strategy. Simon-Kucher Managing Partner UK, Mark Billige and other members of faculty at ESADE Business School provided a pragmatic, action-oriented study of the different - and at times surprising - roles that prices play in capturing, communicating, and even enhancing a company’s competitive advantage in this intensive five day executive programme. The objective was to equip programme participants with the necessary confidence and skills to design and execute a superior strategy.

To find out more about this programme, visit the website.

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The European Paper and Packaging Strategy Conference 2016
TopLine Power: Increasing profit with pricing and commercial excellence

Thursday 16th June 2016

After years of focusing on cost, many companies in the paper and packaging industry are now turning to pricing and commercial excellence programmes to further increase profitability. The European Paper and Packaging Strategy Conference 2016 offered the opportunity to find out how industry leaders approach topline growth.

Conference speakers and topics included

  • Andrew Coverdale, former Commercial Director at Coveris UK Food & Consumer, on Commercial excellence in the packaging industry
  • Martin Gercke, Vice President Technical Customer Service at Stora Enso Paper, on Transformation through innovation and services
  • Thomas Haensch, Global Commercial Head at Ball Beverage Packaging, on Commercial excellence in the beverage can industry
  • ƒƒEric Schmid, Vice President Commercial Management at Tetra Pak International, on Staying competitive by driving innovation
  • Dr. Daniel Bornemann, Partner and Head of Packaging Practice at Simon-Kucher & Partners, on Industry trends in paper and packaging
  • ƒƒMark-Daniel Rentschler, Senior Director at Simon-Kucher & Partners, on Successful implementation of pricing excellence

For more information about the agenda on the day, click here.

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The Pricing Forum 2016

Thursday 19th May 2016
Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG

“A most interesting, thought provoking and insightful day”, that was the feedback from The Pricing Forum 2016, hosted by Simon-Kucher & Partners on Thursday 19th May in Central London. Over 130 senior executives from a range of industries joined experts from Simon-Kucher as well as decision makers from global brands as they presented their recipes for success.

The forum offered a day dedicated to discussing the role that price plays in combatting the challenges that businesses face today and driving profitable growth. Mark Billige, Managing Partner UK at Simon-Kucher, kicked off the day presenting the findings of our latest book, Monetising Innovation: How smart companies design the product around the price. This was followed by a keynote session from Paul Williamson, former Director of Ticketing for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and Rugby World Cup 2015. Discussing the pricing journey taken at these events, Paul demonstrated how pricing can be used as an effective marketing tool in this context.

A range of industry experts from Addison Lee, Avis, The Guardian, O2 and more participated in lively panel sessions during the day, discussing their pricing experiences and advice across a range of topics. Additionally, Oliver Topley, Head of Consumer Strategy and Propositions at Three UK, and Kevin Dearing, Head of Pricing at Royal Bank of Scotland, presented more in depth case studies of their respective pricing approaches before taking part in a Q&A session.

Other highlights of the day included James Brown, Partner at Simon-Kucher, examining Pricing 2016: The outlook for the coming year, as well as a presentation by Dimitris Hiotis, Partner at Simon-Kucher on The Science and Psychology of Pricing. This interactive sessions tested the audience on their knowledge of pricing before giving some insight into what works, what doesn’t and some of useful tips for quick results. Over 110 individuals participated in this and other interactive elements throughout the day using Sli.do, an easy to use web-based voting and question platform. Feedback on the technology was overwhelmingly positive; “I thought the interaction – via slido – was great and fabulous to get real time feedback on questions/surveys” was the response from one delegate.

The forum wrapped up with a final keynote session from Michael Brunt, Chief Marketing Officer at The Economist. Discussing Making money out of content: The story of The Economist, Michael demonstrated the potential of a strong brand to thrive even within a challenging business environment through a dedicated and effective business and pricing strategy.

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Monetising innovation: What banks can learn from FinTech and how they can monetise new features

Thursday 3rd March 2016

As the pace of digitalisation rapidly advances, identifying new ways to win customers and keeping them loyal is imperative for banks. But with a multitude of external influencers increasing the number of new entrants to the market, has this now become more of a challenge than ever? Or is there an opportunity for banks to increase revenues by helping their customers manage their money better? What we know is that without decisive action banks risk being left behind, encumbered with an expensive and inflexible distribution setup.

Showcasing the best concepts from around the world, this conference evaluated what banks could do to adapt to the changing landscape of consumer needs.

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Annual European Medical Technology Strategy Forum

Thursday 3rd March 2016
Sofitel London Heathrow, London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

Effective channel management: Optimising footprint and capturing value

Continuous product innovation, user-centered marketing & sales and focusing on traditional hospital and retail channels have been the key ingredients for the success of many medtech companies in the past. However, budgetary pressure and consolidation in mature markets are leading to the emergence of new channels and distribution models and potentially to significant future shifts in the value chain.

This includes the forward integration and internationalisation of distributors, the entry of “no thrills” low-cost competitors, a renaissance of e-commerce models and the new procurement role of the public sector. For medtech companies these developments can be a significant threat in terms of losing customer access or facing price pressure from new and powerful competitors and customers... but they can also be an opportunity to increase marketing and sales efficiency by rethinking and enhancing their role in the value chain.

Following the principle “the whole is more than the sum”, successful medtech companies will have to take a proactive and holistic approach to multi-channel management in the future rather than simply following old and traditional patterns and strategies. This means increasing the effectiveness of existing channels, taking advantage of new emerging channels and systematically managing channel interdependencies.

Simon-Kucher’s annual European medtech forum provided food for thought and best practices on:

    How to set up and define the right channel strategy for your business, balancing profit and growth considerations
    How to manage your middle men in a profitable manner, exploiting cooperation potentials while minimising the risk of additional competition
    How to successfully engage with public procurement following a consistent proactive strategy

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Pharma Pricing and Market Access Europe 2016Pharma Pricing and Market Access Europe 2016

23rd - 25th February 2016
Victoria Park Plaza, London

Hear Dr. Marc Matar, Partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners and head of the UK Life Sciences practice, leading the lunchtime seminar at 13.40 on 24th February. Marc will be discussing List vs. net price management - What is a list price worth in 2016? as part of Pharma Pricing & Market Access Europe 2016.

Learn how to prepare your market access strategy for the ever changing global healthcare market and understand the diverse payer landscape and how to inform decision making with insight from key payer organisations. It’s all about getting the right drug, to the right patient, at the right cost and achieving maximum reimbursement success. For more information about the conference, visit the website.

Learn how to prepare your market access strategy for the ever changing global healthcare market and understand the diverse payer landscape and how to inform decision making with insight from key payer organisations.

It’s all about getting the right drug, to the right patient, at the right cost and achieving maximum reimbursement success.

- See more at: http://www.healthnetworkcommunications.com/conference/pharma-pricing/our...

List vs. net price management - What is a list price worth in 2016?  - See more at: http://www.healthnetworkcommunications.com/conference/pharma-pricing/C59...

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Women in Consulting Forum 2015

Central London

This annual event series, now in its third year, is designed to provide an opportunity for prospective female intern applicants to come and talk to female consultants about their experience with Simon-Kucher & Partners in an informal setting. The main purpose of the evenings are to give students the opportunity to come and ask any questions they might have, and get to know us a bit better!

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Simon-Kucher's 30th Anniversary Conference: Growth vs. Profit - Learn from world market leaders

Thursday 17th September 2015
Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel

To mark our 30th anniversary, Simon-Kucher & Partners hosted an exclusive Anniversary Conference. Prominent business leaders from various sectors of the economy joined us to share their experiences and reveal how they approach and ultimately manage the often conflicting targets of growth and profit.

Keynote speakers on the day were:
     Dr. Ulf. M. Schneider CEO of Fresenius
     Dr. Reinhard Zinkann CEO of Miele & Cie
     Albert M. Baehny Executive Chairman of the Board of Geberit

Read more about the highlights of the day here.

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The Pricing Fourm 2015

Wednesday 20th May 2015
The Brewery, London

Price is the most powerful profit lever a business has, but it is often also the most neglected.

This free of charge, one day forum combined keynote sessions from world experts, with practical and hands-on workshops and discussion sessions to address pricing and monetisation challenges. Participants were provided with valuable insights from sales, pricing and marketing, including case studies and benchmarks from a range of B2B and B2C sectors.

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Simon-Kucher & Partners' Life Sciences London Strategy Forum:
The Price of Innovation - Pharma in 2015

Tuesday 14th April 2015
Landmark Hotel, London

As we are all well aware, the market access environment for pharmaceutical innovations is constantly changing worldwide. Meeting payers’ evidence requirements to achieve market access is becoming increasingly challenging in today’s market access landscape, even for innovative drugs. At the same time, pharma companies are pressured to also meet the expectations of shareholders. This balancing act requires market access and commercial teams to constantly think dynamically.

This half-day conference provided insights and food for thought on how to successfully respond to the changing market access landscape. Our forum gave the opportunity to network, discuss and share views with market access experts from the pharmaceutical industry.

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Bank of the Future

Tuesday 10th February 2015
8 Spital Square, London E1 6DU

In the future, the most successful banks will have a strong value perception, unique offers that are hard to copy and ultimately, more loyal customers. Banks will use smarter pricing approaches so that they’re seen to be fair to customers, while meeting internal revenue objectives. Whether banks deliver these services through bricks-and-mortar or online will largely depend on what their customers want.

This thought-provoking session focused on how banks can evolve to become the successful bank of the future; building in consumer behavioural psychology and real-life examples from the world’s most innovative banks.

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Breakfast Strategy Forum for Private Equity

Tuesday 21st October 2014
The Royal Academy of Arts

Warren Buffett said in 2011: “The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power. If you’ve got the power to raise prices without losing business to a competitor, you’ve got a very good business. And if you have to have a prayer session before raising the price by 10 percent, then you’ve got a terrible business”. Buffett recognised the importance of pricing in driving a businesses profitability.

Having worked with over 30 portfolio companies in the last few years, the “Breakfast Strategy Forum for Private Equity” provided an opportunity for Simon-Kucher’s experts to share their knowledge and experience on pricing as a tool for profit growth in portfolio companies. A clear framework for effective pricing implementation was laid out through the morning. James Brown kicked off the forum with a high-level discussion of Pricing Programmes: What is required, what can you expect?, followed by Dr. Peter Colman, on Managing price changes: Increasing prices (and making them stick). “Price execution isn’t glamorous but can be highly profitable” was the conclusion from Mark Billige as he examined the gritty details in Price execution: Pragmatic approach to profit maximisation.

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2nd Strategy Forum for Telecommunications & Digital Media at The Royal Academy of Arts

Tuesday 21st October 2014
The Royal Academy of Arts

Product innovation continues at a rapid pace for Telco, Digital Media and Online companies resulting in increased value and changes to consumer behaviour. Despite this many Telco, Digital Media and Online companies continue with one-size-fits-all marketing strategies, and often struggle to find the right revenue model that delivers the returns they deserve.

Mark Billige emphasised the importance of developing better monetisation strategies in Digital monetisation: Why effective pricing is the critical challenge for digital business leaders. Tamsyn Attiwell, VP Global Services at Zuora, developed this theme, examining the shift in consumer behaviour away from traditional business models towards a subscription economy. Martin Deutschenbaur’s discussion of The dangers of toxic pricing structures highlighted the importance of developing new pricing models and Cecilia Mourain wrapped up the day with an in-depth look at Practical monetisation tactics for digital players.

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Pricing for Profit Conference

Tuesday 20th May 2014
Cavendish Conference Centre

An audience of over 120 senior executives from a range of industries gathered for Simon-Kucher's annual UK Pricing for Profit Conference.

Dr. Georg Tacke, CEO at Simon-Kucher, kicked off the day, discussing the importance of top management involvement and a dedicated pricing organisation in achieving pricing excellence and results. “Pricing programmes are not easy… but the upsides can be huge” was the conclusion from Mark Billige, Managing Partner UK, as he worked through the key steps needed to establish and deliver a successful pricing programme.

With the conference split across the day between B2B and B2C themes, our experts discussed topics including ‘Differentiate you proposition and pricing to secure profits’, ‘Peer Pricing: A new discount management approach’ and ‘The crucial role of sales excellence’. The afternoon sessions focussed on B2C business needs, with discussions covering ‘Insights into consumer price psychology’, ‘Developing an actionable segmentation with consumer insights’ and ‘Multichannel retail pricing’.

The day concluded with Dr. Andreas Jonason, Senior Director, reflecting on how theory was put into practice through the Harvard Business School case study: How Simon-Kucher helped Outotec develop Pricing Power.

Some quotes from attendees:
“Very good conference, touching upon many of the challenges we face”
“Very interesting concepts discussed, providing good inspiration for activities to pursue in the office”
“Overall very good triggering a number of key ideas to develop further”
“Very relevant to today’s marketplace”

Simon-Kucher pricing for profit conference

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