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Servitization in manufacturing

Servitization: The growing trend in manufacturing
For manufacturers looking to embrace servitization, what are the key tenets to bear in mind when formulating pricing strategies for these new business models?

Dr. Peter Colman, Senior Director, and Xi Bing Ang, Manager at Simon-Kucher UK discuss and share perspectives. Read more.

Private Equity

Private Equity: Pricing as a value-creation lever
What advantages does pricing offer as compared to other value creation levers available to Private Equity.

Christian Atherton, Director, and Mark Billige, Managing Partner at Simon-Kucher UK discuss why Private Equity isn't giving pricing the attention it deserves as a value creation level. Read more.

Subscription businesses

Subscription businesses: The balancing act
Subscription businesses have three primary goals: acquire, monetise and retain customers. The difficulty is balancing these three often contradictory aims.

Mark Billige, Managing Partner, and Swetha Dhamodharan, Consultant at Simon-Kucher, talk through the opportunities and pitfalls for subscription businesses in optimising their pricing and packaging strategies. Read more.

Rise of the discounters

The rise of the discounters
What should UK retail and suppliers expect from the growing discount channel, and how should they be combatting the threat?

Alan Kelly, Director at Simon-Kucher, interviews Partner James Brown on the current trends and challenges in the UK grocery retail and supplier environment. Read more.

Building loyalty in 2015
In the evolving world of customer loyalty, what are the innovations and trends being seen, and how can you make them work for your business?

Mark Billige, Managing Partner and Andreas Panayiotou, Manager at Simon-Kucher discuss the trends and challenges in developing loyalty schemes. Read more.

Are MOOCs the future of online education?
Do they mark a turning point in how education is delivered or are they simply a phase and a distraction?

David Smith, Director at Simon-Kucher, shares his thoughts on the changing role of online education and in particular MOOCs. Read more.

Global Pricing Study 2014: Profitable innovation
Why it’s urgent – and how the best companies combine innovation and marketing to rebuild their pricing power and their profits.

Catch up on the insights and recommendations from Simon-Kucher's Global Pricing Study 2014 in this interview with Managing Partner, Mark Billige.