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Pricing tiers - Towards an intelligent pricing differentiation

Should prices be determined on the basis of the product or of the client? Which is the best way to fix the price?

Disrupting or being disrupted? Nine industries in transition

Many individuals and businesses are starting to realize the huge array of opportunities that are created by new technologies. But they can also carry risks to established market players – who might not even be aware that technological changes affect their ability to be competitive.

Competitive market dynamics challenge medtech industry

Better channel management is needed: The difficult market climate in the medtech industry is forcing established players to rethink their sales approach, the short Simon-Kucher study Medtech Barometer 2016 shows.

Increase profitability with product change management

Changes initiated by customers are rarely implemented in a way that leads to improved margins. In fact, half of the surveyed suppliers were unable to increase their margins during the product lifecycle. Best in Class companies, however, show that margin increases of more than 10 percentage points are possible. The recipe for success here is change management excellence. This article provides an overview of typical challenges linked to managing changes and shows what suppliers need to do to maximize their profitability during the product lifecycle.

Potential untapped: The Chinese used car market in the times of “Internet Plus”

The used car market in China has been growing steadily for almost 15 years. But there is still enormous potential for growth – especially in the times of “Internet Plus”.