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Increase profitability with product change management

Changes initiated by customers are rarely implemented in a way that leads to improved margins. In fact, half of the surveyed suppliers were unable to increase their margins during the product lifecycle. Best in Class companies, however, show that margin increases of more than 10 percentage points are possible. The recipe for success here is change management excellence. This article provides an overview of typical challenges linked to managing changes and shows what suppliers need to do to maximize their profitability during the product lifecycle.

Potential untapped: The Chinese used car market in the times of “Internet Plus”

The used car market in China has been growing steadily for almost 15 years. But there is still enormous potential for growth – especially in the times of “Internet Plus”.

Chinese telco industry at a crossroads – Time to rethink revenue models

According to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the number of 4G users in China reached the 300 million mark in late September 2015. The growth momentum is remarkable. Mobile data is on track to overtake voice calls and texts as the dominant source of revenue for Chinese telecom companies. However, data monetization remains a huge challenge for the industry, as consumers and the authorities persistently demand lower prices for faster speed.

Increase topline growth in the off-highway vehicle industry by optimizing spare parts prices

China’s economy has been facing severe headwind in the last few years. The GDP growth rate in Q3 2015 dropped below seven percent for the first time since 2009. Slower economic growth is becoming the new normal. Because the off-highway-vehicle industry highly depends on economic development, it is facing mounting challenges in terms of topline growth. Take construction equipment for example, the sales in 2014 dropped about 20 percent compared to 2012. Overcapacities in production inherited from periods of fast growth, coupled with sluggish domestic demand, are causing original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of off-highway-vehicles many problems.

Publishing SaaS Prices

Afraid to show prices? Publishing SaaS prices can deliver significant upside – if done the right way.