Studies and White Papers

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Ringing up Higher Profits: 4 Pricing Secrets Retailers Can Rely On

Retailers can realize millions in additional profit by taking advantage of four key pricing secrets:
1. Make the fight for shoppers about more than price
2. Use your private label to drive share through differentiation and trade-up, not low prices
3. Realize additional profit through rule-based pricing and assortment
4. Design and run more effective promotions

Medtech Barometer 2014 - Business outlook for the EU medical devices industry

Winner or loser? The European medtech industry is more divided than ever about its business outlook. While healthcare funding pressure and strong competition are shaping the market, the increasing influence of non-clinical stakeholder groups is placing companies under additional pressure to rethink marketing and sales strategies.

Chinese Luxury Goods Buyers Survey

International luxury firms in China could profit more from consumer spending power by offering appropriate channels for online shopping, as a short survey by Simon-Kucher shows. Dynamic pricing models combined with offering new product categories to leverage more on loyal customers are keys to success.

Implementing value-based pricing in the Higher Education sector

Recent years have seen a new focus on fees and financial support in the Higher Education sector. The white paper presents observations on the state of pricing today in the Higher Education sector, and three steps all universities should be taking right now to ensure they are best placed to make commercial pricing decisions they are going to be faced with in the coming years.

Enhancing consumer centricity

Key insights and recommendations from a Simon-Kucher short study for the chemical and construction industry