Green Energy

We support our clients in the area of renewable energies to successfully cope with challenges due to market changes. In doing so, we serve small companies as well as market leaders of the industry. We not only develop individual concepts for our clients, but we also support them in the implementation phase. Our comprehensive portfolio covers all strategy, marketing, sales and pricing topics. Thus we are able to help our clients achieving profitable and sustainable growth.

For years, companies in renewable energies were able to profit from strong industry growth. Over the last few years, however, the competitive and margin pressure has increased dramatically due to international over-capacities, sending the solar industry into an existential crisis.  What’s more, growth markets are moving to Asia, which poses even greater challenges to European manufacturers, for example those in the wind energy sector.

To overcome these challenges, companies in renewable energies must actively develop their markets and pursue a well-considered internationalization strategy.  They must expand and restructure sales teams and clearly define and communicate their sales strategies. It is getting harder and harder for companies to differentiate from their competitors. To stand apart from the others, they must focus their solutions on the customer by offering added-value services, bundles, etc. Furthermore, prices in product and project business must be deftly steered based on product, customer and order-specific criteria. This will enable companies to successfully push through their price premium in the market.

Here are some of the solutions that we have developed with clients in the renewable energy industry:

  • Create a company vision and unique selling propositions (USPs)
  • Develop and optimize marketing and sales strategies
  • Conduct a market analysis and create an internationalization strategy
  • Design business plans
  • Create and implement new price structures
  • Reorganize sales and develop new sales structures (incl. channel management)
  • Develop service packages and customer loyalty programs
  • Conduct sales and negotiation training seminars

Selected clients

  • Abakus Solar
  • Nordex
  • Schletter
  • SMA
  • Solarwatt
  • Trina Solar