Sales plays a key role in implementing profit and growth strategies. Our experience and studies from virtually every industry show that a vast amount of sales potential remains untapped. Simon-Kucher & Partners helps clients in every industry to boost their sales effectiveness and efficiency in order to secure a competitive advantage. Our projects answer questions such as: What are the right sales targets? How can you earn more money from existing customers and attract more new ones? What is the most effective way to organize your sales channels? How should your organization and sales processes be structured to achieve long-term success?


Examples of Simon-Kucher & Partners sales projects include:

  • Multi-channel strategies
  • New sales channels/partnering
  • Sales organization and efficiency
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Key Account Management
  • Sales incentives
  • Terms and conditions
  • Price enforcement, negotiation strategies

In the last three years we have conducted more than 500 sales projects. We know the challenges and levers to boost sales effectiveness and efficiency. You too can benefit from our experience and expertise.