Simon-Kucher capabilities - digitalization“You have to start with the customer experience and work back toward technology, not the other way round.”
Steve Jobs

A google search on “digitalization” yields over 6.7 million hits. And it feels as if the number of buzzwords around the topic is even greater. No wonder many business leaders are unsure what action they need to take to succeed in an evolving digitalized world.

At Simon-Kucher, we look at the change that comes with the application of digital technology in business life. We take care of the market and customer facing side of digitalization – as opposed to purely taking an IT, efficiency, process or cost based view. We advise our clients how to adapt or reinvent their business models, or on how to improve the customer journey from acquiring over monetizing to developing customers in a digital environment. True to our clear focus on revenue, profit and growth, we help our clients to accelerate their TopLine Power with smart digitalization of all customer facing activities such as pricing, sales and marketing.

When commercial challenges become digital, we combine “bits and brains” – knowledge of the latest technological possibilities plus profound industry and functional expertise – to give our clients a competitive edge. We ensure that revenue models are transferred to the digitalized world at the right pace and with the right focus. And whenever we help our clients creating a digital offer, we integrate state-of-the art marketing, pricing and sales methods such as behavioral or value based pricing. Of course we also take into account what our clients know about their customers and couple this with our long experience with monetization, pricing and revenue models.

Our digital experts’ network spans the entire globe and knows about the challenges of traditional companies “going digital” as much as about digital pure players that want to optimize their digital excellence. 


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