It’s hard to put a finger on the certain je ne sais quoi that keeps our employees coming to work every day with a smile, but we like to think it has something to do with our commitment to our core values and to our associates. We’re eager to help our employees flourish and grow while staying true to the spirit of our firm. At the heart of our culture, you’ll find four areas in which we shine.

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Promoting associate growth

Our associates drive and deliver innovative, lasting results to our clients and are, hands down, our most valuable asset. We think it’s important to give them room to learn while reaching their full potential. With that in mind, we strive to provide our associates with regular feedback and a continuous education program.

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Valuing freedom and individual responsibility

Around the world, we’re a diverse team of responsible, independent thinkers. We try to keep strict rules and regulations to a minimum; they stifle the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking that our clients have come to expect. As such, we believe our employees enjoy a rare degree of freedom among consultants. In return, we expect our associates to behave responsibly with regards to themselves and their dealings with clients and colleagues alike.

Staying committed to our core values

Open communication and cooperation between our associates and towards our clients help us to achieve our goals. We build cooperation by sharing knowledge and staying committed to four common core values: honesty, excellence, creativity and commitment to timelines.

Encouraging a healthy work-life balance

We want our associates to enjoy their work and be proud of what they do at Simon-Kucher and for our clients. (But we do realize that they have lives outside of the office). In our experience, a healthy work-life balance plays a crucial role in the happiness and well-being of our associates. For more information on our commitment to work-life balance, please read on here.