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Based on our 2016 Global Pricing Study and recent project experience, six new articles demonstrate how pricing can boost your topline
Negative price outliers can pull down your overall price performance dramatically. The good news is that with a straightforward approach, these negative outliers can be repaired. Even better news: outlier repair will have a fast and significant impact on your company’s bottom-line...
Price optimization typically yields between 2 to 5 percentage points of return on sales. Although this is a promising business case, we see many organizations struggle to make the transition towards implementation and realization. How to go from strategy to implementation? How do we structurally embed this in our organization?
Het jaar is goed begonnen voor het internationale strategie en marketing adviesbureau Simon-Kucher & Partners. Zes weken na de jaarwisseling is de grens van 1.000 werknemers overschreden.