B2B Outsourcing Firms

Commoditization, price pressure and increased professionalization in tenders and purchasing are challenges B2B outsourcing firms are frequently confronted with. Simon-Kucher helps B2B outsourcing firms to translate the value they deliver to their customers into profit.

Typically, our clients offer services in the following areas:

  • Facility management
  • Security services
  • Temporary work
  • Information technology
  • Industrial services

We support our clients on a global scale and have successfully conducted projects in many countries.

Typical project topics we've worked on with our clients in B2B outsourcing services:

  • Strategic orientation/pricing policy: Creating a charter that describes key guidelines of go-to-market opportunities
  • Product market strategy: Market sizing and evaluation of market potential
  • Go-to-market strategy: Tailoring a channel strategy to a new business line
  • Price setting: Developing a concept for value-based pricing systematics (peer pricing); setting up rules for price calculations (strategic customers)
  • Public tender management: Analyzing tender-specific customer needs and competitive offerings to identify the optimal price and offer design
  • Contract management: Finding the right offer and contract design as well as roles and responsibilities to support upsell during the contract period
  • Price increases: Supporting price increase campaigns (for small/mid-sized clients and key accounts)
  • Marketing and sales organization: Analyzing and restructuring marketing and sales departments to ensure fit with commercial strategy
  • Incentive systems: Forming a multidimensional incentive system to improve employee motivation and incentives (in line with the corporate goals)
  • Sales training: Setting up and conducting workshop-based sales training seminars to boost negotiation and sales skills
  • Big-deal coaching: Workshop-based support in preparing important/large opportunities


Selected clients

  • 7(S) Group
  • Algeco
  • Bilfinger Berger Facility Services
  • Call center operator
  • G4S
  • GEA
  • Global market research institute
  • Leading IT provider for municipalities
  • SAP
  • Securitas
  • SQS
  • Stork
  • T-Systems
  • Texas Instruments
  • Williams Scotsman