Simon-Kucher & Partners has worked with a number of leading Internet-based businesses to enhance their pricing strategies and maximize revenue and profit growth. At Simon-Kucher we understand the market pressures Internet companies face and the rapidly changing competitive environment in which they operate. Our Internet strategy consultants have helped develop compelling packaging and go-to-market pricing strategies for several new product innovations. We also understand the unique opportunities in the Internet space to track customer behavior and monetize that information to provide better user experience and extract premium product value.

Internet companies face increasing market pressure from both established players as well as small-scale start-ups. New channels like social networking, blogs and mobile are available today to further promote and sell products and offerings. Companies have started exploring new business models (e.g., freemium) to maximize customer acquisition. Overall, there is an increased need for optimizing packaging and pricing strategies to fully capture value from a customer lifetime perspective.

  • Design go-to-market strategies to extract full value from new product launches
  • Identify optimal pricing structure and levels for new and existing product offerings
  • Restructure legacy offerings to maximize profitability and customer adoption
  • Identify unmet needs and quantify value to create new products
  • Develop optimal bundling and subscription packaging to enhance profitability and growth
  • Segment product offering to target customers and increase adoption
  • Design and optimize alternative business models (freemium, subscription, app store)
  • Create a pricing strategy for penetrating new markets

Selected clients

  • Ariba
  • Barnes&
  • Betfair
  • Carbonite
  • Gameforge
  • Intralinks
  • Intuit
  • LinkedIn
  • Network Solutions
  • PayPal
  • Skype
  • XBox Live