Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry faces significant value pricing challenges.

In upstream, the search for economically accessible sources demands constantly increasing investments. Companies need to ensure that cost changes are properly understood and passed on to the market, but also that they manage to charge for the value that they are creating.

In downstream, consolidation and demand shifts are forcing a search for differentiation and factors other than price need to be used to win profitable customers. This includes setting up the right sales channel mix (e.g. value steering fuels volumes between assets) and developing, pricing strategies, models to improve margins as well as ways of value selling commodity products

Examples of projects

  • Establish product positioning and differentiation
  • Revise the sales channel mix
  • Value price commoditized products
  • Smart retail price perception establishing factors other than price
  • Price optimization of retail fuels stations based on elasticity
  • Value steering and differentiation of commercial fuels volumes
  • Introduce and optimize loyalty cards proposition
  • Train sales force in value selling

Selected clients

  • Bayerngas
  • BP/Aral
  • Castrol
  • Orlen
  • Shell
  • Tank & Rast