OTC / Consumer Healthcare

Consumer healthcare is a dynamic industry with stable revenues and healthy margins that attracts global players and specialized mid-sized companies. It is an industry that borders both the healthcare and the consumer goods sector. This is not only reflected in the companies that are active in this market, but also in the distinct challenges that they face, such as: channel complexity, consolidation and the threat of private label.

We combine broad, long-standing expertise in global healthcare and the fast-moving consumer goods industry and have developed extensive experience with key stakeholders ranging from healthcare providers, payers, and pharmacies to pharmaceutical wholesalers and mass retailers. This knowledge helps our specialized consumer healthcare team to support companies to overcome their specific market challenges, to identify opportunities and, ultimately, to improve their business performance through enhanced marketing, sales and pricing strategies.

Thanks to Simon-Kucher’s global presence and multi-national projects, we are able to provide local expertise and a thorough understanding of market differences in terms of competitive environment, distribution landscape and market regulations.

The services we offer to consumer healthcare companies include:

  • Developing competitive strategy
  • Designing route-to-market and channel strategy
  • Revising and implementing harmonized trade terms systems
  • Optimizing consumer prices and portfolio positioning
  • Improving marketing and promotion efficiency
  • Developing and implementing key account management
  • Improving sales effectiveness and incentive schemes
  • Implementing global sales and pricing excellence programs

Selected clients

  • 7 of the top 10 leading OTC/Consumer Healthcare companies