Big Deal Pricing: How to Price and Negotiate Big Projects Webinar

2:00 PM EST


Would you like to price and negotiate big projects more successfully? Then join Peter Harms from Simon-Kucher & Partners for a free webinar on June 30th at 2:00 PM EST.

Why is big deal pricing often not optimal?

9 out of 10 companies use an unstructured and unsystematic approach when pricing big projects. This is true for all b2b companies with customized project business like automotive, engineering, or software suppliers, and even most consulting firms.

This lack of pricing excellence, in combination with an unstructured negotiation process, leads to situations where profit is left on the table.

How to fix it?

Get more structured and systematic. It is a myth that every deal is unique. In reality, the basic power mechanics are always similar. Therefore, leading B2B companies have started to adopt systems that assist the sales force in understanding and managing their own power position, setting big deal prices and efficiently preparing for negotiations. These companies have improved their profitability by up to 5% and their hit-rate by up to 25%.

Is there any secret to it?

Yes. Only the right process will lead to the right prices. Adding psychological pricing techniques will make it even more successful.

Join this webinar to get insights into best-practice pricing and negotiation systems, and how they can impact your top line, and finally your bottom line.

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