Simon-Kucher Medtech Webinar Series

Is your company struggling with how to successfully monetize digital software solutions? Not sure how to achieve market access for your connected care and digital health solutions? Or, are you looking for more effective go-to-market models?

If your answer to any of these question is yes, join us for our fall 2018 MedTech Webinar series!

Simon-Kucher is conducting more than 1,000 projects every year. So chances are high we have seen challenges similar to those that your companies are facing recently – and helped our clients to solve them. We have put together a webinar series that addresses some of the most frequently cited problems.

Who the webinars are for

Our webinar series was developed for executives and managers in the areas of sales, marketing, corporate strategy, and pricing working in the MedTech and Diagnostics field.

What you will learn

Attendees will learn how to grow the TopLine through developing and implementing new strategies and best practices in the areas of health IT solutions, market access and go-to-market sales modeling. The content of each webinar has been carefully developed based on several years of project experience from Simon-Kucher. Please visit the landing page of each webinar for more information.

Webinars schedule:

Raf Onclin  Kaan Kekec


Driving Sales Effectiveness and Efficiency via Innovative Go-to-Market Sales Models
Thursday, September 6th 2018, at 04:00 PM CEST
Raf Onclin, Partner, and Kaan-Fabian Kekec, Director

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Gerald Schnell  Michael


Monetizing value-added Health IT solutions for hospital equipment and diagnostics
Thursday, October 11th at 04:00 PM CET
Dr. Gerald Schnell, Senior Partner, and Dr. Michael Keller, Director

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Omar Ahmad  Andreas Silber


Monetizing services and capturing the overlooked revenue potential
Thursday, November 8th at 04:00 PM CET
Omar Ahmad, Partner, and Dr. Andreas Silber, Senior Director

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Gerald Schnell  Jan Bordon

Monetizing value beyond the core product – Market access for connected care and digital solutions
Tuesday, December 4th at 04:00 PM CET
Dr. Gerald Schnell, Senior Partner, and Jan Bordon, Partner

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