Banking & Financial Institutions

Company Profile

  • $1bn annual revenue
  • Leading financial services provider in Oman
  • Largest network of c.150 branches, 650 ATMs & CDMs and more than 10,000 PoS terminals

Situation and Objectives

  • Identify ways to change customer transaction behavior in regards to remote payments
  • Examine ways to incentivize merchants to offer PoS as a means of payment


  • Beginning with data analysis and benchmarking, we moved to primary research and interviews to build up a basis of potential initiatives


  • The analysis resulted in a time-phased list of 8 priority initiatives, prioritized by the size of potential opportunity
  • International and regional benchmarking of PoS incentivisation systems
  • Long-list of potential measures to identify PoS usage by business area and target group
  • Refined view of customer attitudes and key inhibitors to uptake


  • Short-term: focus on changing customer transaction behavior
  • Long-term: examine ways to leverage PoS usage as a means of increasing cross-sales through innovative new propositions