Kristin Harris

About Kristin

Kristin Harris is a Partner in Simon-Kucher’s New York office and has more than 10 years of consulting & strategy experience. 

After graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree in International Economics, Kristin worked at Deloitte Consulting and Revenue Analytics before joining Simon-Kucher & Partners in January 2016.

She has deep experience leading projects focused on pricing & packaging optimization, as well as in diagnostic work centered on transitioning clients from current state to best-in-class pricing strategies. Kristin’s functional experience spans market entry strategies, portfolio price optimization, price pack architecture, and sales force restructuring, allowing her to bring a multidimensional lens to her diagnostic work.

Kristin’s client base is rooted in Enterprise software, which merges her industry focus of SIM (software, internet & media) and B2B (manufacturing, logistics).  She specializes in leveraging commercial strategy (including both core pricing & packaging components as well as the execution arms of Sales and Marketing excellence) to achieve next-stage growth goals for e.g. funding rounds and IPO preparation.