Banking & Financial Institutions
Private Banking / Wealth Management

Company Profile

  • Large private bank
  • Located in Switzerland

Situation and Objectives

  • Profitability in the private banking industry decreased significantly due to increasing client expectations, new regulatory requirements, and a highly competitive environment
  • Objective: Ensure a consistently good customer experience by designing a new and differentiated advisory service offering, and by implementing a new Price Management and Transition Tool for RMs (Relationship Managers)


  • Analyzed the bank’s current offering, detailed product usage, and trading behavior
  • Designed new offering landscape and value proposition
  • Set up simulation tool to calculate different pricing scenarios and their economic impact
  • Agreed a new pricing and sales approach with the management and discussed the processes necessary to support sales
  • Customized PricePro, our professional client transition and re-pricing tool to support RMs during the transition phase (including asset shift to new service offering, price calculations, visualizations, and discount simulations)
  • Anticipated customers’ argumentation with the sales force
  • Created various sales support materials (e.g. benefit argumentation, FAQs, guidelines for objection handling, tool handbook, etc.)
  • Ran a series of workshops to train sales staff using a four-step approach:
  • Trained the entire sales force on product and pricing specifics, and on how to use PricePro, the new sales tool
  • Trained the “super users” and “sales coaches”
  • Trained the entire sales force about negotiations by presenting the new benefit argumentation as well as sales-process best practices and techniques to use during negotiations
  • Practiced the new line of argumentation in small groups using role plays, team presentations, quizzes, etc. to deepen product understanding and prepared for future negotiations by allowing sales people to learn from each other
  • Set up a three-level support scheme to help RMs during transition phase (from content to pricing to technical support)


  • Asset shift of 80% of non-contracted, “execution-only” accounts into contracted advisory (or discretionary) mandates
  • Improved negotiation capabilities of frontend people
  • Better discount management by increasing awareness for profitability effects
  • Higher transparency and sensitivity toward pricing power and capabilities


  • Revenue uplift by eight basis points
  • Solid and regulatory compliant client relations