Back to Revenue Growth: Navigating a post COVID-19 world in the Fashion, Lifestyle, and Beauty business



There are two common prognosis for a post COVID-19 market environment in the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty space: uncertainty and volatility.  Join Simon-Kucher and Partners commercial experts in the Fashion, Lifestyle, and Beauty business for a fresh take on how to get back to business, and how to maintain growth in the future.  Experts from around the world will share insights about 4 essential topics to get back to growth in this interactive session:

Key Topics

  • Shopper and Consumer: Understand new needs and journey
  • Promotions: Generate traffic/volume without weakening your brand
  • Assortment: Curate your portfolio to adjust to the new normal
  • Gross to net: Mitigate risks and grow profitably under new market landscapes

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