How to Realize the Most Value From Pricing Software Investments

11:00 am PT | 2:00 pm ET


Software is ubiquitous and the speed at which business is run, it is a necessity. The advent of more economical ways to capture, store, and analyze data has given rise to a breed of software systems that aim to help you make better pricing decisions. Yet, all too often we see clients who implement the “technology silver bullet” at large investment costs to their organizations, but ultimately fail to deliver the benefits. In this webinar, we will share the common risks associated with these implementations, and how your organization can extract the most value from these useful tools.

At the conclusion of this session, participants will have an understanding of:

  • When should you consider pricing software and what are the limitations of these?
  • How to structure a successful pricing software implementation program
  • Common mistakes and strategies for avoiding them

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