Simon-Kucher’s Insurance practice helps insurance companies to capitalise on their biggest success factor: pricing.

Through years of experience, we’ve seen that insurers that base prices exclusively on the actuarial approach, without factoring in their customers' willingness to pay, leave untapped an average 300 basis point combined ratio and 600 basis points in growth. Our value pricing expertise can help clients secure this untapped profit and volume within a few weeks.

Moreover, as part of the value creation process, we help clients identify attractive customer segments, analyse customer preferences and willingness to pay, and revise and develop new products based on that analysis.

As part of the value selling process, we help clients develop innovative sales processes that increase customer conversion and penetration rates, and improve up-selling and cross-selling. We focus on multi-channel strategies and discount limits, discount systems and incentives, along with other processes.

Our projects for insurance clients include:

  • Digitalising and developing multi-channel strategies
  • Optimising the online business across the client's own channel and the aggregator
  • Introducing new sales processes for more conversion, cross- and up-selling
  • Developing capital-friendly life insurance products
  • Pushing protection
  • Adjusting prices in the portfolio based on price tolerances for reducing the combined ratio
  • Optimising profit through behavioural pricing

Our insurance team has a global presence and project experience in over 40 countries. With our expertise and local knowledge, we help insurance companies in developed and emerging markets, covering all lines of business, customer segments and sales channels. Our clients have included both international and regional companies, channel and product specialists, primary insurance and reinsurance firms that serve the industry and the retail markets.

Simon-Kucher consultants work side-by-side with their clients. It is standard practice in our firm. As a result, our recommendations are customised and doable. Throughout the project we help the client anticipate hurdles, overcome them and achieve success.

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