Simonkucher : Latin American Commercial Strategy Series

Series Overview

Join us for The Latin American Commercial Strategy Series

Simon-Kucher will hold a series of events in Santiago, Sao Paulo, Lima and Mexico City, discussing solutions to relevant strategic challenges for attaining sustainable profits in each market and the region as a whole.

Political uncertainty and economic volatility make the need for top line discipline in Latin America even more pressing that in other, more stable markets.



Who should attend?

  • Executives with strategic responsibility within large firms, part of transnational operations and possibly composing multiple business units.
  • Managers with the need to elevate their business’ performance, looking to apply global gold standards in pricing, marketing and overall commercial excellence to their specific industry and market.

Why should you attend?

  • Simon-Kucher is amply recognized as the world leader in pricing and marketing strategy.
  • You will have personal, close-up contact with business leaders facing similar challenges to yours, as well as with Simon-Kucher’s experts, who are dedicated to facing them specifically in your region.
  • Gain access to cutting edge methodology and frameworks being applied and fine-tuned over the last 30 years all over the world, to address complex challenges.