How to Price Your Products for Resilience in the New Economy (Hosted by Salesforce)

7:00 PM BST


Salesforce Webinar


How to Price Your Products for Resilience in the New Economy

Featured Speakers:

Madhavan Ramanujam, Partner and Board Member, Simon Kucher
Kylie Fuentes, VP, Product Management, Salesforce CPQ

2020 is the year of the economic imperative. Now more than ever, you’re being called on to build resilience and flexibility into your business models, and to rethink how you build, price, and sell. But this webinar isn’t about convincing you to innovate. It’s about showing you how.

The fact is that companies struggle to monetize their innovations consistently. 65% of products fail at a cost of $260 billion a year, and 83% of companies face downward pricing pressure. 

Join the conversation with Salesforce and Partner, Madhavan Ramanujam, who distills the lessons of 10,000 projects over 30 years into practical actions you can take, so you can launch new revenue streams, remodel your products, and price for subscriptions—all the things that will determine whether you win or lose in the new economy.

The themes we’ll cover include:

  • Agile Product Development: Design your innovations around what customers need, value and are willing to pay for in short around the price
  • Agile pricing: Discover the elusive “good price.” You’ll need an infrastructure for delivering and monitoring pricing guidance in real time, together with greater analytical horsepower and better data
  • Economic resilience: The shift to subscription is a matter of survival. The good news is that transformation doesn’t need to be disruptive