Banking & Financial Institutions
Asset Management

Company Profile

  • Large European asset manager

Situation and Objectives

  • The asset manager needed a new sales strategy as a reaction to current market trends, i.e. low interest rates, increasing regulatory requirements, changing customer behavior, and new competitors
  • Following an internal project, the asset manager asked for an expert review of product, pricing, sales, and communication principles as well as sales policies for private customers and fund distributors such as banks and insurers


  • Summarized and reviewed internal project results
  • Analyze the asset manager’s business development and competitive advantages
  • Analyze current market trends, e.g. regulatory and market changes, customer behavior, and the competitive landscape
  • Conduct pan-European benchmarking on international case studies and best practices
  • Develop possible scenarios of strategic pricing to counteract market trends
  • Discuss and evaluate scenarios with the asset manager regarding current market trends and their impact on value proposition, the offering, and the sales model


  • Clarified recent business developments, market position and identified gaps in sales, offering, and pricing
  • Provided collaborative evaluation and recommendation of possible scenarios for future strategic pricing based on current market trends
  • Defined and prioritized potential next project steps