Banking & Financial Institutions

Company Profile

  • Global provider of innovative money transfer services (primary revenue driver)
  • Offers services through third-party agents, and has retail locations

Situation and Objectives

  • Increase revenue prospects in the long-term
  • Achieve rapid enough revenue increase in the short-term to cover the cost of the engagement


  • Phase 1: Initial audit, rapid assessment, market analysis
  • Phase 2: Comprehensive analysis of internal data

Project Set-up


  • The project delivers price recommendations for market launch, plus long term strategic and operational changes
  • Identified a number of promising initiatives
  • To support longer-term revenue growth, a new global pricing strategy was developed, under-pinned by a target operating model, which addressed the inconsistent approach to global price management


  • $23m revenue increase in the short-term
  • Pricing strategy & target operating model provided the basis for mgmt. to sustain price mgmt. and protect revenue growth