“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”
Winston Churchill

Nothing could better sum up our belief about a good strategy: thought out to the end and fully implemented – a strategy that leads our clients to higher revenue and profit.

Unfortunately, too many companies develop strategies without fully thinking through their possible consequences. Then they hope it will pan out.

But hope is not a strategy. We once had a client who launched an aggressive growth initiative. The company attacked almost all of its competitors with low prices. The result? The competitors retaliated with even lower prices, which almost destroyed the company.

Simon-Kucher helps clients not only to avoid such severe mistakes, but also to create strategies that accelerate revenue and generate strong growth for the long term. Our work focuses primarily on new business models for today’s changing environments and on monetisation strategies for new products. We develop market-entry strategies and general product and brand strategies.

However, our strategy projects don't end there. They also include complete commercial transformation programs and more specialised projects such as market due diligence studies for private equity clients.

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