2020 was a tough year that presented challenge after challenge. A global pandemic and the subsequent recession disrupted supply chains, shifted demand patterns, and increased uncertainty for most industries.

Organizations were forced to find new ways to operate. Immediate actions often focused on shoring up business by protecting existing relationships. Scarce financial and human resources were deployed strategically. All industries have by now made efforts to adapt, with varying degrees of success.

We now embark on a new year with cautious optimism. Unemployment levels are still rising but Covid-19 vaccine is driving economic confidence. While headwinds to a full recovery remain, 2021 is the time to identify and prepare for future growth opportunities.

Join us in our 2021 B2B Virtual Forum on May 20th that will allow you to connect with industry experts and obtain insights and best practices on sales, pricing and digitalization from one of the world’s leading consulting firms focused exclusively on growing profits through top-line growth.

We will host a stellar group of industry experts who will share their experiences and advice on how to position your strategies and teams to recognize new, and often hidden, opportunities and take concrete & actionable actions to capture them. Do not miss it, additionally to presentations by leading practitioners, this forum will include opportunities to establish and develop your networking.

Who should attend?

Executive leadership and senior management, who are involved in developing commercial excellence for their companies:

  • Sample titles: Owner, President, CXO, Operator, EVP, SVP, VP, Senior Director, Director, Senior Manager, Manager
  • Functional areas: Sales, Marketing, Pricing, Finance, Strategy

Why should you attend?

Learn practical measures you can take to ensure your commercial growth strategies are relevant in today’s evolved business environment
  • Exclusive access to learn from industry experts about the latest trends driving growth strategies, including sales, pricing and digital transformation strategies in an uncertain but stabilizing environment
  • Network with other leading industry professionals and share best practices. We look forward to welcoming you!

This event will be in Spanish and will be sponsored by Simon-Kucher & Partners. It is free to attend but you must apply to register to attend. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact madrid@simon-kucher.com 

Guest Speakers
Simon-Kucher Experts
Do you have any further questions about this event? Do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team.