Simon-Kucher has helped numerous chemicals, materials and metals companies develop and institute superior pricing and sales strategies that have increased their profitability.

In these sectors, many products are commodities whose price is largely determined by market demand and supply. However, we have helped market leaders develop successful pricing strategies based on supply curves, competitive dynamics and a value-based price logic. We help clients optimize contract elements and structures as well as surcharges and sundries. We also help them manage large account negotiations and develop sales strategies, structures, processes and governance to make their sales teams more effective.

Materials and metals companies are profitable only if they can balance volume and price, and then manage their costs to deal with highly volatile pricing pressures. Professional price management and effective sales management are what give these companies the edge.

Our projects for base materials and metals clients include:

  • Developing pricing strategy
  • Managing price increases
  • Managing contracts
  • Establishing value-based pricing
  • Negotiating prices and supporting big deals
  • Diagnosing pricing and sales issues
  • Establishing commercial excellence programs

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