Simon-Kucher’s Global Telecoms Practice has broad expertise with all facets of the telecommunication industry. We are the top-rated consultancy in pricing, marketing, sales and CRM; we help providers to become marketing and pricing champions.

Worldwide we have completed more than 150 pricing, marketing, sales and customer value management projects for more than 60 telecom, cable and Pay-TV clients and worked for 10 out of the top 20 global telecom companies. We have often helped our clients to achieve 2-digit growth, our average improvement is 1-3 percentage points increased profitability.

Our teams have supported C-levels on all continents, based on this experience we have access to a global pool of experts and benchmarks.

Our unique working mode comprises, honesty, strategic routes for decision making, marketing innovation as well as robust and ready to implement solutions. 

Our experience covers the complete industry value chain, e.g. Service Providers (MNOs, MVNOs), Cable/ Pay-TV Providers, Wholesale, Handset manufacturers, Infrastructure vendors, VAS- and IoT-Solution-Providers.

We are convinced that no other consultancy can match our experience in our consulting area.

Our projects include hot topics across the complete go-2-market chain in B2B and B2C, such as:

  • How to overcome toxic pricing structures (e.g., WiFi threat) with future-proof data revenue models beyond just GBs
  • Price/value alignment with new prepay and post-pay offer portfolios to improve monetization
  • Strategic pricing excellence initiatives to return to price maker status (mindset and capabilities)
  • Strategic telecom revenue model/pricing 2020 enabling the digital lifestyle
  • New offer models for digital services
  • Youth marketing: from new organizational approaches (CYO – Chief Youth Officer) to offer innovations (offer beyond just price discounts)
  • Short-term revenue boost initiatives to meet budget targets
  • Fixed mobile convergence strategy framework to make right decision on intensity between "Go/No Go" (including price model)
  • "Internet of things" and cloud services revenue and pricing models
  • B2B decision support Peer Pricing approaches to achieve more sales and more profit
  • Enriching product marketing with successful segment marketing measures (acquisition and base view)
  • Positioning, differentiation and steering of brands (main brand, second brand(s), wholesale partners)
  • Optimizing sales channel play: reallocation of sales budgets to optimize channel mix and spend
  • Customer Value Management framework to maximize customer value across the lifecycle

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