Software, Internet, Tech

Company Profile

  • Software platform for employee incentives and stock options
  • Strong presence in several European countries
  • Revenue: Approx. €150m p.a.

Situation and Objectives

  • Low market penetration in many European countries and the USA
  • Sales approach mainly driven by personal relationships
  • Unstructured sales organization; interactions across countries insufficient or non-existing
  • Product quality on par with or better than international providers, but many local requirements (e.g. legal obligations or restrictions) not fulfilled
  • Objective: Double revenues within four years through international expansion, using a targeted sales approach, a region specific product offering, and a convincing sales force


  • Sized markets and segmented customers in an actionable way
  • Developed hunting list per target region with details on potential customers, including their probability to use tenders and our likelihood to win them
  • Defined the appropriate size and organizational structure of the sales force
  • Developed an optimized offering for each segment that could be used easily by all members of the sales team


  • Precise market and sales strategy with defined targets for all relevant KPIs
  • Concrete hunting list with efficient allocation of sales resources
  • “Offer engine” that enables the sales force to offer the right features at the right prices


  • Increased number of leads and increased conversion
  • Doubled number of newly-won customers