Surviving the Resurgent Crisis: Why Commercial Agility Will be Your Key Capability

May 13, 2020

Currently planning for what your business will look like in an “after corona” world? 

Then you are likely diverting resources from your company’s true existential challenge: surviving the wild roller coaster of the “with corona” period that will endure for the next 18 to 24 months until a vaccine becomes widely available. 

The one trait that will separate the winners from the rest is a rare combination of capabilities that we call commercial agility: the ability to make pricing, design, and cost management decisions with unprecedented speed and flexibility – over and over again – until some form of equilibrium returns to your market.

The coronavirus pandemic is giving customers a crash course in what they can and cannot live without. Do you know what your company can (or can’t) do well in response?

  • How prepared is your pricing model and decision framework to respond quickly enough to volatile demand?
  • How do you need to redesign your offer to deliver a safe and engaging customer experience AND still make money?
  • What are your playbooks and processes to manage inevitable cost-base inflation in our pricing?
  • How well can your sales model adapt to a remote world?
  • How can you ensure that your revenue and profitability models are resilient enough to endure multiple episodes of the crisis?

Join us in our webinar, where we will explore different crisis scenarios and help companies to answer these urgent questions based on five key pillars of commercial agility. Register here: 

Right now, disruption is occurring on an unimagined scale with no end in sight. There are no more excuses for waiting.

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