What would you charge for a 25 hour day: innovative ideas in Simon-Kucher’s pricing competition

It was all about innovation on Wednesday 7th February with the finalists in Simon-Kucher UK’s annual pricing competition presenting their ideas for how to price a 25 hour day. 42 students submitted their pricing strategies for the chance to win a place on our 2018 Summer Internship Programme. The top 5 were invited to present in front of our panel of judges; Mark Billige, Managing Partner UK, James Brown, Partner, Dr. Peter Colman, Partner, Charlotte Comptour, Director, Stephan Butscher, Chief Talent Officer, and Felix Mitchell, Co-founder and Director, Instant Impact.

The presentations were amazing – from the depth of economic analysis to the sheer creativity that had gone into exploring what an extra hour a day could really mean for individuals or society. They covered everything from monetising ways to help students beat deadlines through to solving global pension deficits! It was a very hard decisions to pick, but we are looking forward to welcoming the winner into our 2018 Summer Internship Programme.

Finalists at Simon-Kucher's Internship Competition 2018
Finalists at Simon-Kucher's Annual Pricing Competition