Simon-Kucher has advised retail banks of all sizes, from single-branch community and regional banks to the world's largest banking institutions. We help these clients create better product, pricing, marketing and sales strategies, and meet regulatory challenges on both sides of the balance sheet.

Our 360-degree approach includes big data analytics, precision pricing modeling as well as forward-looking customer and sales research. We also help banks use behavioral economics to help their customers understand the value of their products and reduce price sensitivity at the point of sale.

Our projects for retail and small and medium enterprise (SME) banking clients include:

  • Market-disruptive product and monetization strategy for day-to-day banking, mortgages, loans and deposits
  • Digital value selling for community and regional banks
  • Precision pricing for loans and deposits
  • Fee optimization for retail banking products
  • Optimal bundling and value communication for retail banking
  • Unlocking behavioral biases in bank-client interactions

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