Software, Internet, Tech

Company Profile

  • Software and IT security supplier
  • Strong presence in selected European countries
  • Revenue: €50–100m p.a.
  • Fast-growing company

Situation and Objectives

  • Recent invest by private equity to accelerate growth
  • Historically grown sales approach with an inefficient allocation of resources
  • Structure and steering insufficient for company size


  • Understand status quo of go-to-market and sales
  • Identify levers to boost sales volume
  • Prioritize levers and translate into sales initiatives
  • Develop quick-win implementation roadmap


  • Transparency over untapped sales potentials supported by best-in-class benchmarks
  • Quick-wins that were implemented on day one after the project
  • Roadmap for medium-term changes
  • Better key account support due to shift of sales resources


  • Revenue growth of key accounts by 30% due to better upselling
  • Improved retention rate by two percentage points