Logistics & Distribution
Transportation & Logistics

Company Profile

  • European logistics company with a focus on Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • “Neutral” provider, serving rail operators exclusively and not targeting BCOs (business cargo owners) directly
  • Domestic revenue in scope: €60m p.a.

Situation and Objectives

  • High customer dependency: Two biggest customers generate more than 80% of the company’s total revenues
  • Decreasing margins: Economic developments and decreasing support for cargo rail transportation have led to higher costs and lower margins
  • Decreasing growth: The strong growth of previous years has ended; the acquisition of new customers is particularly behind expectations
  • Lean sales structure: Limited number of both internal and external sales people
  • Project objective: Comprehensively optimize sales approach to reduce dependency on large customers and to get back on growth path


  • Assessed current sales capabilities from all angles
  • Identified best practices and improvement potentials
  • Developed both new sales process and concrete actions to improve sales capabilities
  • Developed implementation plan and roadmap

Holistic to-be sales process developed

table 1


  • Detailed sales process
  • Pragmatic “tools” and methodologies to support sales team
  • Recommendations for organizational changes, including development plan for sales team over the next 3 years
  • Clear roadmap including actions plans and allocation of tasks


  • Roll-out over the next nine months
  • Improved sales force satisfaction
  • Higher sales force efficiency, better hit rates, and overally smoother process