Simon-Kucher capabilities

Simon-Kucher stands for TopLine Power®, and our mission is to boost our clients’ revenues and profits. That is why in our work we focus on the four growth levers: strategy, marketing, pricing and sales.

Because of this unrelenting focus, we have more experience in our areas of expertise than any other consultancy. Each year, we conduct more than 1,000 projects on these topics.

All our associates are specialists who combine state-of-the-art monetisation skills with practical, evidence-based experience and profound industry knowledge. We constantly refine our approaches, integrating new trends, insights, scientific findings and technical possibilities. We also know how to perfectly adapt established business models to today’s radically changing digital environments.

Our clients measure us by the impact of our projects. Developing a new concept is only the tip of the iceberg, and tangible results happen only when the new approach is hardwired in mindsets, processes and habits. That is why we work deeply with our clients throughout the entire transformation process. We support our clients until we are sure that the job is really done.

The result: Our solutions not only look great on paper. They also work in real life and have a major impact. Our projects typically increase our clients’ profitability by 100-500 basis points.