How Brand Manufacturers Win with Amazon: Topline Strategies

11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET


As digital channels grow, brands can no longer solely rely on the skills and approaches they’ve traditionally utilized for brick-and-mortar channels if they want to win in this ever-evolving space —which is critical to continued overall growth. They need an effective digital capability to avoid stagnation and sales loss, and an effective digital strategy has to address Amazon.

Amazon is a behemoth that has changed the way much of the world shops. It is not only the biggest US online store, it is also where shoppers go to start product searches, compare offerings, and check prices. Amazon has outsize influence throughout the consumer journey.

In this webinar, Simon-Kucher Senior Director Toni Puigdellivol will share his views on how brand manufacturers can win by working with Amazon. Learning how to “play the game” as Amazon’s partner is essential for both maintaining sales growth and building brands.

Some of the questions Toni will be tackling during the session:

  • What makes Amazon so different, from a brand manufacturer’s point of view?
  • How can brands get their Amazon strategy right? What should they do differently to improve…
    • … their Discoverability: “What strategies will help shoppers find my products?”
    • … their Relevance: “What tactics will help shoppers click on my products?”
    • … their Sales: “What strategies will help shoppers purchase my product?”
  • What are the additional areas of opportunities beyond marketing and sales?
  • How should a brand manufacturer go about building a relationship with Amazon?

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