Pricing and Packaging in an Industrials/B2B Setting

11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET


The relationship between B2B sales managers and their customers is a significant factor in the criteria to make a purchase decision.  Buyer trust is paramount to building long-lasting partnerships as compared to short-lived transactional interactions.

The complexity of offerings at industrial companies (from capital equipment, to aftermarket parts and service) can further complicate the purchase process.  Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities are an often-overlooked sales lead when engaging with customers.

It stands to reason then, that creating an offering structure that simplifies the purchase process, and deepens the customer relationship will make a material difference to profitability.  One way to accomplish this is to move towards selling solutions, supported by smart customer segmentation and tailored packaged offerings. 

Join Simon-Kucher’s webinar to learn more about how you can design your B2B offerings with your customers’ long-term success in mind, developing greater customer intimacy, and boosting your topline!

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