Simonkucher : Join us

What we value

Simon-Kucher welcomes bright, critical thinkers with outstanding educations, international experience, great analytical and communication skills and an entrepreneurial spirit.

If you are a team player who enjoys taking responsibility, a leader who has empathy and can adapt to different project requirements, and shares our core values, then we would like to talk to you. Find the office and recruiting contacts closest to you right here.


If you are a recent college graduate or will be graduating soon, this is the right time to apply for a position with us. Read here more about how to join us.

The exact level (Consultant or Senior Consultant) depends on your individual background and degree. Consultant is generally reserved for recent college graduates with bachelor’s degrees. PhD candidates or graduates with previous work experience join us as a Senior Consultant or higher.

Experienced Hires

Along with recent graduates, we also welcome applications from working professionals who feel ready for a change, who want to use industry-specific knowledge in the consulting field, or who already work for another consulting firm.

We hire professionals with a variety of different backgrounds, from MBA or PhD students to seasoned experts. With the right mix of experience, leadership and personal drive, they will find a position that makes them thrive and help us grow. Read here about our application process!



If you are still pursuing your degree but are interested in a consulting career, an internship with us may be the right option for you. We are always looking for talented students whose studies are nearly complete and who have strong analytical, quantitative, communication and leadership skills. Ideally, our interns should also have some experience from previous work or internships, a demonstrated interest in consulting, and may even have already spent some time abroad.

Interns at Simon-Kucher are fully involved in project work, so the learning curve will be steep! We take care of them, make sure they become part of the team and get to know the friendly and open atmosphere that defines our culture. Many of our consultants interned with us before accepting full-time offers.

Internships are possible in all offices at any time of the year, and they last at least eight to ten weeks, depending on the country. Apply now to get a first-hand idea of how our consultants work.

Non-consulting Staff

Simon-Kucher would not be so successful and growing at such a pace without a qualified and committed support staff. They are the backbone that makes our company run smoothly, and they make it possible for our consultants to focus on their projects and clients. We offer interesting career paths that are challenging and rewarding, in administrative assistance, graphics, IT, finance, research, HR, events and communication & marketing. To find out about our open positions and where to apply for, read on here.

Our Application Process

Whether you are applying as an intern, graduate or professional, the process is the same. We will want to receive your resume, cover letter and certifications (e.g., university certificates, references and letters of recommendation). You should apply directly to the Simon-Kucher office where you hope to work; you can find the relevant recruiting contacts here. We are committed to reviewing your application thoroughly and getting back to you quickly.

If your application is a good match, we will invite you to a recruiting day. Several interviews await you, on a broad range of topics. We want to understand your motivations and get to know you as a person, and we will test your problem- solving and quick-thinking skills. The day will include case studies and brain teasers and/or an estimation exercise. Read more about how to prepare for an interview here.

Since we want you to get to know us too, we will build in plenty of time to introduce you to our company and answer your questions. Our interviewers are consultants as well as Partners from different practices. They can all help you understand the work experience and culture at Simon-Kucher. We will also take you to lunch so that we can speak with you informally.

If we believe that your skills are what our team needs, you will receive an offer. And if you feel after the recruiting day that Simon-Kucher is the right place for you, we hope you will accept it.

Interview Preparation

Yes, interviews can be tough. But it’s essential that both Simon-Kucher and the job candidates figure out whether they belong together. To help you relax and shine during your interview, we suggest two things:

  • Be yourself: We want to get to know you as a person, as the “real you.” Being authentic is important to us, and it helps you to focus on the interview questions and cases.
  • Be prepared: Visit our website, read some articles and do your research so that you understand what we do, and our approach to pricing, marketing and sales. We are more likely to ask you about a marketing or pricing strategy than about cost cutting. Also, spend some time practicing case studies! As tough as they seem, solving them requires some technique. Read here more about how to deal with case studies.