Dr. Razmic Gregorian

Senior Partner

Dr. Razmic Gregorian is a Senior Partner at Simon-Kucher. He specializes in pricing and positioning products for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. His special interests include evaluation of early-stage products to evaluate commercial viability and guide clinical and outcomes research, launch pricing and reimbursement strategy, and valuation of business development opportunities. He has consulted in the US and Europe for industrial, government, and non-profit clients.
Prior to joining Simon-Kucher in 2002, Razmic was a Senior Manager at The Lewin Group in Falls Church, VA. A graduate of Duke University with honors in chemistry. Razmic completed his Ph.D. in biophysical chemistry at Yale University and served as an NIH post-doctoral fellow at Washington University School of Medicine.
He is the author of several peer-reviewed publications and the lead author on several reports on mental health policy for the US Department of Health and Human Services.