Suppliers are facing major challenges in the automotive industry. Price pressure continues to increase as OEM purchasing departments professionalise and levels of competition among the suppliers grow. Rising uncertainty stemming from the most drastic changes to ever affect the industry further exacerbates the market climate. How can automotive suppliers successfully approach topics such as digitalisation, autonomisation, and electrification, under such difficult conditions?

For decades, Simon-Kucher has supported automotive suppliers in achieving profitable growth despite adverse circumstances. Our solutions are tailored to the specific challenges of the industry and cover all revenue-side levers, from strategy to pricing and sales. We help our clients overcome obstacles in both the original equipment business and the independent aftermarket. Our client base ranges from specialised medium-sized companies (“hidden champions”) to the industry’s large generalists.


Typical Simon-Kucher projects in the original equipment business:


  • Systematically identify growth areas and future markets
  • Develop successful and sustainable competitive strategies


  • Determine value-based target prices for innovations and software products
  • Professionalise change management processes to increase margins


  • Standardise and optimise acquisition and negotiation processes, including support tools
  • Increase sales efficiency by refining sales processes and interfaces


Typical Simon-Kucher projects in the independent aftermarket:

  • Optimise go-to-market strategy and develop sustainable eCommerce approaches
  • Optimise list prices for large-scale product ranges
  • Develop effective and internationally coordinated price and trade term systems
  • Segment customers and create segment-specific sales approaches

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