Simon-Kucher has advised fund providers, fund distributors, asset managers and asset service providers for many years. We have worked with them to design new business models, develop innovative offering and fee structures and increase sales and marketing efficiency for lasting profitable growth.

Our projects for asset management clients have included:

  • Developing a growth strategy for a B2B fund distributor
  • Optimising a retail fund provider’s processes and organisational structure to increase marketing and sales efficiency
  • Implementing offering and pricing changes in response to regulatory requirements (MiFID)
  • Optimising fee models and incentive schemes between fund providers and distributing banks
  • Developing new products and optimising prices for different investment strategies of an investment fund through elasticity analyses
  • Optimising prices and products for an international asset service provider
  • Developing a value-based tender management process and optimising price and negotiation strategies for institutional clients

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