Consumer products companies today have unprecedented access to deep, rich sets of data, enabling them to make strategy and marketing decisions with greater confidence. But they also face volatile swings in commodities prices, sharp shifts in consumer sentiment, intensifying competition and major changes in retailer strategies.

Simon-Kucher’s experienced consumer products consultants help companies take advantage of these new realities, from strategy through execution. We thoroughly understand the consumer products industry and its pricing, sales and distribution challenges. Using a down-to-earth approach, we’ve worked with companies around the world to develop solutions for go-to-market and sales strategies, innovation processes, pack-price and portfolio optimisation, branding strategies, pricing and trade investment.

Growing retail competition puts unprecedented pressure on most consumer packaged goods manufacturers. Food manufacturers’ margins have become squeezed by volatile raw materials prices and retailers’ demands for lower prices and trade support. In many non-food and speciality categories, manufacturers must develop new go-to-market strategies as consumer buying behaviour changes and shelf space gets tighter. In this environment, companies need comprehensive, sustainable solutions to achieve their desired balance between profit, market share and revenue goals.

Our projects for consumer products clients include:

  • Revising competitive strategy
  • Developing and implementing a new go-to-market strategy
  • Optimising consumer prices
  • Revising and implementing harmonised trade terms systems
  • Developing brand portfolio strategy
  • Enhancing and improving innovation processes
  • Optimising pack-price and portfolio strategies
  • Supporting and improving key account and sales force management

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