A Day in the Life of Campaign Manager Sarah Wolski in London

August 16, 2021

Sarah Wolski

Sarah Wolski, Campaign Manager in our London office, joined Simon-Kucher 5 years ago. What does a typical day look like for Sarah? We followed her for a day to find out:


Every morning, I wake up with my eager lockdown pup, Archie, ready to play. I walk (or he drags me) across the street to the local park where we play fetch and run around for an hour before getting ready for work.



Commuting on the tube in London can be stressful but a necessary evil. The best part is getting off at Temple station and walking past the beautiful and historic buildings on the way to our office.



One of my favorite things about being on the marketing team at Simon-Kucher is seeing projects come to life! Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo from a studio in Trafalgar Square where we broadcasted our latest virtual Pricing Forum. 



Whether I’m working remotely or in the office, I’m constantly collaborating with colleagues in other countries via Zoom. One person I see most days is Trang, who is on our events team in Germany. Together we’re working on our new global flagship conference, TopLine 2021. Check it out here – www.topline2021.com!



After wrapping up a hard day’s work I’d love to say I go for a run, but, in reality, I usually end up meeting friends and enjoying the London sunshine while it lasts!


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