Banking & Financial Institutions

Company Profile

  • Largest financial institution in Mexico
  • More than 20 million customers
  • ~ €70 billion assets
  • ~ 37,000 employees and 2,000 branches

Situation and Objectives

  • Increase the customer conversion rate on pre-approved loans
  • Increase customer satisfaction by improving the selling experience
  • Identify initiatives to remove purchasing barriers in all channels
  • Use findings from behavioral economics to achieve above mentioned objectives
  • Train the salesforce to improve selling dialogue and increase their effectiveness


  • Three main pillars: 1. Theory-driven and empirical information to identify behavioral initiatives, 2. Concrete generation and detailed definition of behavioral improvement initiatives, 3. Ongoing onsite overview of the initiatives' implementation within
  • Develop sound initiatives and implementation by defining behavioral nudging elements (BNEs) along the products' customer journey to increase the conversion rate while improving customer satisfaction

Use of Behavioral Nudging Elements (BNEs)


  • Identified and defined more than 50 Behavioral Nudging Elements (BNEs)
  • Implemented and monitored the 29 short-term BNEs
  • Created an action plan and a knowledge transfer plan to implement the medium to long term BNEs and maximize the synergies with other products and geographical regions


  • +42% conversion rate in the consumer loan communication campaign
  • +59% product sales in the pilot branches
  • Increased customer satisfaction