Banking & Financial Institutions

Company Profile

  • £22.4bn in assets under management and £213m in annual revenues
  • UK nationwide wealth manager offering a full suite of financial planning and investment services, ranging from self-directed investing to discretionary mandates

Situation and Objectives

  • The UK wealth management industry is generally very poor at value communication
  • Tilney acknowledged the opportunity to become a leader in the digital value communication space
  • Simon-Kucher was employed to conduct an "outside in" evaluation of the Tilney's value communication, using Simon-Kucher's 4C's framework for digital audits
  • Derive long-list of recommendations on how to improve lead generation via the existing Tilney website
  • Develop a value communication strategy that resonates with the needs of Tilney's various defined client segments


  • Interviewed internal stakeholders to align on the overarching objectives of the longer-term value communications strategy
  • Interviewed advisers and reviewed existing client research to depict different client segments (user profiles) and their divergent financial needs
  • Evaluated existing client website through Simon-Kucher's 4C's digital audit framework to identify key improvement areas
  • Conducted a review of global industry best practices as basis for the recommendations derived from the digital audit

Simon-Kucher & Partners' 4C's framework


  • 22 concrete recommendations were proposed, including:
  • Quick wins: Make changes that can be implemented instantly, including streamlining and prioritizing content and using more simplistic language to reinforce value message
  • Standalone initiatives: Create new visual concepts to simplify service descriptions, leverage gamification for increased engagement, and develop a guidance tool to simplify website orientation
  • Structural change: Rebuild website structure around an optimized set of pathways based on user profiles


  • N/A - Implementation phase currently ongoing