Simon-Kucher helps medical device, equipment and diagnostics companies sustainably improve top- and bottom-line performance through intelligent product portfolios, go-to-market and pricing strategies, and customer-oriented implementation. Our clients include 40 of the top 50 medical technology and diagnostics companies, including leading financial investors and small and midsize companies in all major product categories and application areas. Our consultants are located in the Americas, Europe and Asia and have a mix of medical, bioscientific and commercial backgrounds. This means we can offer clients customised, multidisciplinary solutions no matter where they operate.

In an R&D-intense environment, effective and efficient diagnostic and therapeutic solutions are in high demand. To complicate matters, tight funding for R&D is a constant challenge. To succeed, companies must choose the right markets and the right segments, sell through effective channels and convince caregivers and payers with a compelling clinical/health-economic value proposition their product is worth the money they put on the price tag. Setting the right price requires effective involvement with a more complex and price-sensitive set of stakeholders both on the caregiver and budget holder side. We help medical technologies companies engage with them, adapt to a changing market and develop and implement strategies for profitable growth.

Our projects for medical technologies clients include:

  • Portfolio and go-to-market strategies
  • Market access and reimbursement strategies
  • Sales and contracting strategies
  • Price and channel-mix optimisation
  • Sales and pricing excellence programs
  • Key account and tender management
  • Sales force optimisation

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