Digital Account Based Marketing and Lead Generation for Industrials

11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET


Even before COVID-19, Industrial companies were increasingly experimenting with advanced top of funnel marketing techniques like Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Automation, Account Based Marketing, etc., however they lacked the imperative to really commit to this new form of lead generation.  Historically industrial sales forces would say that digital marketing qualified leads were of lower quality and not worth prioritizing due to low conversion rates versus normal channels but that changed almost overnight, as COVID-19 caused a significant decline / stoppage of traditional outbound marketing like trade shows, conferences, traveling product demonstrations thus forcing companies to digitalize their lead generation or watch their lead funnel go dry.  Now as the end of COVID-19 is in sight, we have seen an acceleration of the digital marketing transformation that we couldn’t have imagined 18 months ago. 

In this session we’ll explore many of the digital marketing techniques being employed by leading industrial firms and reflect on the link between marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads.  We’ll also dive into the use of personas in the Industrials context and the link between early customization of content and customer life time value.

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