Elevate Digital Strategies and Marketing to Win with Consumers

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New and sophisticated technologies combined with crises and economic cycles impact the way we live and consume all the time. Change is the only constant and consumer behavior will always be shifting. However, no matter how much change we experience, one given is that customers will stay loyal to those who satisfy their needs and meet—or exceed—their expectations.

Retailers are seeing many entrants and disruptors in their business which are blurring the retail industry frontiers in a furious fight for more consumer relevance. Meanwhile, the pandemic accelerates the direct-to-consumer agenda for most FMCGs. Yet, at the same time retailers still find themselves dependent on their physical assets. Traditionally, growth is built through brick-and-mortar expansion or inorganic acquisition. In our point of view this leads to a growing imperative for retailers to digitally transform their business to cement existing consumer relationships. Those who are proactively upgrading their commercial operations with digital capabilities and mindsets, while expanding and exploring opportunities beyond their core business, will have a higher chance of success. Those who simply react risk losing market relevance.

In this webinar, Simon-Kucher’s Conrad Heider, Partner & Head of Digital, Berlin and Teddy Mann, Senior Director, Sao Paolo will share their views on:

  • How to balance the cost of consumer acquisition with consumer lifetime value by differentiating the offer and acquisition tactics to deliver personalized unique consumer experiences
  • How to achieve higher margins and better monetization by establishing new digital business models and by using shopper data to gain strategic consumer insights
  • How to drive customer loyalty and engagement to the next level of continuous and lifelong relationships

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